Sunday, February 1, 2009

sai baba -the yogi

this is the original picture of sai baba of shirdi, and he looks amazing and yet different from his other pictures! Very few people know that he was a great Yogi(he used to perform Khanda yoga-seperating his body organs and taking out his intestines washing tham and putting back!). He was and still is the biggest healer ,this world has ever seen. His shrine at shirdi(maharashtra, India) is visited by 1,00,0000 people every day !
He had no formal education and yet he could quote from all the holy scriptures of India.
He loved children and animals. Read about his life on net and you will be amazed .He could look into past present and future . I sit at his lotus feet and feel blessed all the time!
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  1. I have witnessed our beloved Swamiji at the feet of the master and the love that flowed forth. The energy of love was so strong that it moved my body to the ground and we were washed over in a wave of joy.I will always hold this experience of devotion and love close to my heart.
    With hands pressed, guru prem